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 Emergency Measures Organization


If you find yourself in an emergency situation that doesn't require 911 assistance,

PEI EMO can help.  902-894-0385



The EMO plan is to help protect the health, safety and the welfare of the community members and minimize damage to property and the environment.


Hurricane Season - Be Prepared!

Heavy rain, sustained winds, storm surge, flooding, and power outages are all things that can be expected during a hurricane or tropical storm.

The Provincial Emergency Management Organization (EMO) wants to remind everyone that hurricane season is underway, and the best response to these events is proper emergency planning. 

Helpful reminders when planning for an emergency include:

  • making a household emergency plan to help everyone know what to do in case of emergency;

  • updating your preparedness kits, including extra food, pet supplies, water, masks and hygiene products;

  • bringing in or tying down furniture, play equipment, barbeques or anything that can become projectiles in the event of high winds;

  • ensuring you have fuel for generators and vehicles, as well as propane for outdoor cooking devices such as barbeques;

  • replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms; and 

  • keeping up with the latest information from reliable sources such as following PEI Government, local media, and law enforcement social media channels.

PEI EMO collaborates with the Canadian Hurricane Centre to provide government departments, municipalities, community organizations and agency partners with the latest information so that roles can be fulfilled, and everyone is prepared.

“Ocean temperatures are warm this year, which can increase the potential for hurricane formation,” said Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with the Canadian Hurricane Centre Bob Robichaud. “Regardless of the total number of storms in the Atlantic this year, what’s really important is preparing for the storm that can hit you – there is no better time to prepare than now.”

For more information on how to be prepared for an emergency, visit: How to be Prepared for an Emergency.

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The Draft Active Transportation Network Plan will guide the Province’s work in active transportation and it also includes guidance for local governments and organizations involved in active transportation.

The Draft Network Plan identifies a province-wide network of active transportation routes which will allow people to safely travel between communities and key destinations.

Click here for more information.



Our municipality includes the seven school districts of Baltic, Darnley, Hamilton, Malpeque, Indian River, Sea View and Spring Valley. Farming, fishing and tourism make up a large part of the local industries. The lovely beaches along the shores are a huge drawing point to tourists around the world. There is an abundance of quality accommodations, golf courses, fresh local seafood, Malpeque oysters, lobster, mussels & fresh organic vegetables. Life is good, so come and stay in Malpeque Bay! Malpeque Bay is one of 36 sites in Canada, designated as Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites). It is a coastal lagoon system protected from the open sea (Gulf of St. Lawrence) by a 25-km long coastal sandspit and dune formation. The Bay is a nesting site for the globally threatened wader, the "Piping Plover". It is also an important staging area for very large numbers of geese and ducks during spring and autumn migration periods.

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